T&Cs / COVID-19


digiK have active Covid guidelines and working practices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in place while working on set and for equipment prepared for client use before and after photoshoots, involving the practising of social distancing where possible, the implementation of PPE where necessary and enhanced cleaning and disinfecting before and after each shoot day.

These notes serve to outline the manner in which we expect other crew members, agency and client attendees and any other third party suppliers to adhere to, facilitating a work environment that is as safe and as controlled as possible. digiK will work together with each client to make sure that you are happy with all guidelines and make adjustments according to your needs.

Please note that these guidelines follow current government and Public Health England recognised best practice, which is designed to inform members of the public. digi-K cannot accept responsibility for the health of anyone whilst they are working for and with us. All crew members are required to keep themselves informed of their own personal risk, to exercise caution at all times and to attend the shoot of their own free will.

  • Shoot attendees are required to wash their hands immediately on arrival at the set.
  • All digiK equipment will be sanitised before and after each use.
  • Crew members are encouraged to bring their own face masks / shields to the shoot if they have them, to be used as and when necessary. digiK does not require shoot attendees to wear masks at all times but we do expect caution to be exercised when it is necessary to move around the shoot set or when attendees may, by necessity, have to be in closer proximity than two metres for a short time.
  • We ask as much as is practical for all shoot attendees to remain within their designated area of the set. 
  • For those wishing to self-isolate and/or are unable to travel, we can offer a video streaming service from sets to our clients.


Our standard terms and conditions can be viewed and downloaded below. They are issued by BECTU and cover COVID guidelines and working practices such as working hours, overtime, cancellation fees and travel costs. Any variations from these need to be agreed in writing before any shoot commences.