Extra monitors and wireless viewing

Sometimes we’ll get asked to provide extra monitors, wireless viewing, remote viewing and location monitors on set to help the client/art director see what the photographer is shooting. Here’s a brief summary of the way we can do that.

Many years ago (mainly pre-covid) it was common for clients and art directing teams (plus glam and styling teams!) to be crowded around the Digi-station watching the images coming in from the camera on a monitor. As stills shoots started to take a lead from video/film teams we began to incorporate a separate monitor away from the Digi-station when budgets afforded a second or third monitor. Then covid mandated more social distancing and we borrowed the video team technology to wirelessly stream the images to multiple monitors and iPads or even remotely to clients off-site.

For remote viewing Capture One offers this capability for viewers to be in different parts of the world and watch and rate the images in real time.

For clients and art directors on set we can prepare a monitor with either wireless or wired connections. We’ve set up wired monitors up to 30m away (more could work, we just haven’t been used for this yet) and this has the advantage of not being susceptible to signal interference or lots of solid walls blocking the signal. Alternatively we can use wireless connections which work well outdoors or where cabling isn’t practical and these can work up to 500m depending on the location.

With our location batteries we don’t always need power where you want that monitor which opens up more possibilities.

It’s always best to have this conversation about what extra monitors, wireless viewing, remote viewing or location monitors you need on set before the Digi turns up on the day!