Location Power

We’ve disposed of the need for a location generator (the infamous noisy and smelly petrol ‘genny’) and are proud to be able to supply enough power in the form of mobile batteries that have been recharged with solar power for all day photography monitor and computer use!

We already had plenty of batteries for laptop power but traditionally running a monitor without mains electricity has either required using smaller moving-image monitors or using a smelly, noisy petrol-powered generator. Now we can get rid of the noise and smell and occasional power spikes that can blow equipment and run off a stable battery system. And the best thing is that this is all solar powered as we can recharge them in a day without any environmental damage. The solar power recharge station also allows us to charge all photography equipment with this clean source and helps shoots to run carbon-neutral.

[update] We forgot to mention that the pack we’re using is the Anker 555 Powerhouse!